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. A NEW WORLD . by AsuHan
by AsuHan

Wow, this is an amazing piece of copic art. Congrats on the DD +! You definitely deserved it. You successfully created an awesome bg (I...

Rarity: Great job, Coco-chan by CheckerBoardAZN

So these are the personified characters from My Little Pony? I don't know much, but you've definitely gotta work the anatomy on BOTH fa...

A friend with light by chikuQ
by chikuQ

oh my god this is gorgeous. Reasons why I wish I could draw animals *rage* Alright, this is a really beautiful piece of art, and was th...

Up Close and Personal by gperkins10

Wow, you've got some skill there, friend! I love the black and white setting of the picture, it gives it more sadness in it, seeing tha...


illuminatedflower has started a donation pool!
97 / 3,000
;w; I really want premium membership, I'm sorry to be mooching like this, and I really want to give out to some friends who need support like myself...thank you! I love you all who do this! I will feature you for a while if you donate!

1-100pts: 1 Featured Week + Llama
101-999: 1 Featured Month + Llama + Chibi/Icon
1000+: ;w; I'd love you forever! Forever Feature + Llama + Any kind of free Commission you'd like + Watch

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EDIT - 7/11/14 - Warning. 100 point raffle is added.
EDIT - 6/6/14 - Newer Reference is Updated.
EDIT 4 - 6/5/14 - Contest Entry Folder Is Created.
EDIT 4 - 6/2/14 - New Character!
EDIT 3 - 5/29/14 New Character!, new prizes
EDIT 2 - 5/23/14 - New Prizes, one more rule.
EDIT 1 - 5/13/14 - More rules have been set, new pairings are listed, and prize list is updated.

Bullet; Orange  EXTENSION TILL THE 31st OF JULY, THAT'S FINAL! Bullet; Orange 
:squee: Yay! This is my very first contest I'm creating! I'm super excited! >w<
Bullet; Orange  How Do I enter this contest? Bullet; Orange
Bullet; Yellow Fav This Journal! Bullet; Yellow 
Bullet; Blue I want you to spread the word by creating a journal! I really want this contest to be worth it, and Link me back to it, as well! Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Blue  I REALLY want you to watch me and BlackOut2020 for any update on this Contest! Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Red If I find you watching me, and then unwatching me after the contest is over if you're a winner, I will block you. And you will end up not winning the prize. Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Blue I will only count your entry, once you have entered your artwork. Bullet; Blue
You Can draw These Specific Characters!
 Alroy Cobaltsnow - Update! by illuminatedflower Lubomierz Reference - New OC! by illuminatedflower  Miranda Reference by illuminatedflower Mika Schlovitz Reference Sheet by illuminatedflower 
- They are part of my own personal comic, sooner or later, I might update with more characters, whenever I get my other character sheets done! Of course, you can draw them together, if you'd like.
-Miranda's Reference is now updated.
-Of course you can draw Alroy x Lubomierz.

Valentine Bookmarks - Part 1 by illuminatedflowerValentine Bookmarks - Part 2 by illuminatedflower 
-You can also ask BlackOut2020 for questions about these characters.
- Anyone on the First page, and on the second one only the top row. For Specified Couples and Friendship Trios/Quadruples?/More?!, first I'd like for you to check out the full on picture for the names of the characters, and then come back to this list to see who you really want to draw.
- Ever + Lexi + Hikari (Best Friend Trio)
- Ever x Lexi (For the lols, have Hikari creeping in the back, she ships thi s couple a lot, and also Lexi is taller than Ever!)
-Lexi + Hikari (Super Best Friends, Lexi also teases Hikari a lot.)
- Syne x Ever (Ever really hates Syne, but Syne want Ever lol)
- Syne + Kage + Beatrice (Demon Trio)
- Kage x Lexi
- Byron + Alex + Beatrice + Lexi (In this exception, Alex can be drawn, since they're all siblings.)
-Lexi + Faith (Cousins, always having fun together)
- Junior x Ricardo (Junior is a teaser, and Ricardo is very tsundere about him)
Junior x Ever (They're cousins, Junior is a teaser, and Ever is tsundere too)
- Ricardo x Hikari (Unfortunately for Ricardo, Hikari goes with Byron, but you can still draw them being cute!)
- Kagerou + Kage + Hikari (Siblings)
- Kagerou x Beatrice (super hard core ship this)
- Kagerou + Yumi (Both are fighters, and are really cool with each other.)
- Syne x Kagerou
- Byron x Hikari (This is currently me and my boyfriend XD )

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraYOU MAYAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara
Bullet; Green Note me for more questions!
Bullet; Green Give Prizes and Join the Contest!
Bullet; Green You may make more than one entry but only one could win!
Bullet; Green Artwork must be made by you! Only Exceptions is if you do collabs, but idk how you will split it up.
Bullet; Green Yes! You can do R-18, Gorey, Creepy Stuff.
Bullet; Green Yes, you can enter as MANY times as you can! But only one of your arts will win.
Bullet; Green You can change the gender if you want! But make it original, and cool looking.
Bullet; Green You don't necessarily have to draw them in their clothes as is, it can be different, as long as it is has the same color scheme.
Bullet; Green You can draw Icons, if you want too!

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraYOU MAY NOTAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara
Bullet; Red DO NOT beg for me to give you anything! I will block you.
Bullet; Red I do not accept Anthro (meaning anything animal), unfortunately! Sorry~
Bullet; Red DO NOT make anything R-18 with "Yumi" on my list.
Bullet; Red Since I said artwork must be made by you, this means no bases.
Bullet; Red Unfortunately, I won't accept literature.
Bullet; Red Idk if I should accept crafts because then I'd want to keep them (unless you're okay with sending them to me lol).
Bullet; Red I won't accept any kind of sketch, and at least let it be a half-body drawing or a full color chibi. Please put some effort into this.

DEADLINE - I will accept NO LATER than July 18, 2014 @ 00:00 (12AM) (CST) . That is my 17th Birthday.
If I don't officially close the contest after the time, and your entry is submitted, I'll accept it.
IF I do close officially, but say DA was being a butt, and you turn it in like in 6hrs (that's the maximum amount of time I will give) after the time, I'll accept it. I realize how much DA does not like people and submissions, so that's why I'm giving this chance.
Judging will then be announced either the same night, or the next morning.
Judging will be done by both me and my best friend,
IF there are any delays, or something happens, either one of us will create a journal which will postpone the contest. This is why I need people to watch me and BlackOut2020 .

Now For the Prizes! XD I'm pretty sure that's what you really want.

:bulletpurple: All winners receive 20:points: and a journal feature from :iconchicharia:!
Bullet; Purple All winners will win a feature from :iconxarime:
Bullet; Purple All winners will get llamas from :iconaswhiteassnow:
Bullet; Purple All winners receive a drawing from :iconblueenkor:
Bullet; Purple You can exchange the pm into points or a custom adoptable, if you do not want the pm!

1st Place
Bullet; Purple Premium Membership of 3 Months!
Bullet; Purple Full Body Picture from me
Bullet; Purple Page Doll from me
Bullet; Purple Full Body Icon from me
Bullet; Purple Full Body from :iconikimikiquicky:
:bulletpurple: 1 colored bust, 1 watch, 1 llama from :iconelizabeth1315:
Bullet; Purple 1 icon from :iconlicoriceskittles:
Bullet; Purple Fully Body Custom Adopt from :iconyoujustgotanimated:
:bulletpurple: 1 advance chibi, one simple chibi, and 2 pixel Icons from :iconaldeiphry:
:bulletpurple: Waist Up from :iconcreativay:

2nd Place
Bullet; Purple Premium Membership of 1 Month!
Bullet; Purple Haf-Body Picture from me.
Bullet; Purple Half Body Icon
Bullet; Purple Half Body Picture from :iconikimikiquicky:
:bulletpurple: 1 watch, 1 llama from :iconelizabeth1315:
1 llama from :iconlicoriceskittles:
Bullet; Purple A knee-up custom adopt from :iconyoujustgotanimated:
:bulletpurple: 1 simple chibi, and one pixel icon from :iconaldeiphry:

3rd Place 
Bullet; Purple 100:points:
Bullet; Purple Headshot Picture from me
Bullet; Purple Head Icon
Bullet; Purple Waist Pic from :iconikimikiquicky:
:bulletpurple: 1 llama from :iconelizabeth1315:
Bullet; Purple A chibi custom adopt from :iconyoujustgotanimated:
:bulletpurple: simple chibi from :iconaldeiphry:

I'm now going to have a 100 raffle, for my 100 watcher celebration.
RAFFLE FOR 100 WATCHER CELEBRATION YEAAA (OPEN)I know it says May something for the journal, but I'm updating today.
I'm so happy I have 100 watchers, I never thought I could make it this far. :icongtthplz:
Anyways, there's sort of a catch to this 100:points: raffle. The only way it's really gonna go down is if most of my adoptables are sold, since I already have points set for the contest I have set in. (Link is at the bottom)
 These are my adopts.
-Since this is watcher celebration, and wanna join, you MUST watch me.
- Advertise my adoptables and contest/raffle. Like I said before, my adoptables MUST BE SOLD for the raffle.
- Favorite this Journal.
- Yes you can join both the contest and the raffle, but you cannot win both.
The Contest Link is Below The Text

This will also end on July 30th.
But if my adoptables do not get sold by that time, I will extend the raffle, until they are sold.

Bullet; Blue Whoever can contribute more prizes WILL be featured on my profile for a month! Bullet; Blue 
Good Luck to Everyone! :D
Bullet; Pink If you could commission/donate points, that would be super awesome! Bullet; Pink 
Commission Page (Progress) by illuminatedflower <- If you want to commission! All of these points are contributing towards this contest!
:bulletgreen: Every Contestant will receive a llama from me, my best friend, and :iconlemmykoopa794:! :bulletgreen:

Since time is getting near, I have to say how me and my friend are gonna judge this.

Accuracy - The expression of the character in the drawing, or anything else, like a background or something must meet the characteristics, it'd be a bit odd if they were OOC. (Out of Character) That doesn't mean they can't be doing something together that's not fun! Just long as they still act like themselves, or act a certain way in that kind of situation.
Effort - There are some people who have some amazing drawings, but then when contests arrive, I usually see that it's not as great. Put all of yourself in it, so that it really feels worth it, if say you were to win!
Style - Be it whatever kind of medium, Traditional or Digital, so long as the style fits with the character(s). 
Skill - Don't be too cocky/fret that just cause someone else's art seems better/worse. That's really all I can say. It's something I can't put in to words. We as judges are far more interested in what's in the above.
Interest - Considering how I have many characters in the above to draw, this is sort of based on which character(s)/pairings we (the judges) love the most, in other words, you were able to find what we really wanted. This is sort of a good and bad point. Again, as said, it all boils down to how well the effort was made.

I really, really hate to ask for this, but Josh and I are in serious need of money within the next two days ;w; We're currently struggling to get by until both of us receive paycheques, and we both don't know when we'll be paid (we both started our jobs within the last month, he should get a cheque within two weeks, but mine will be three or four.) We're both also starting school next month, and I'm honestly not sure at all how much my financial aid will cover.. 
Let me explain what it is we owe currently, though. 
At the current moment, our internet bill is on the 28th of the month. It's an $80 bill, and as it stands, we have enough money to pay for only rent for our apartment ($728, due to pet deposits.) Josh literally has 10$ in his bank account, and I have 733$. that leaves us with only 15$, and that definitely will not cover the internet bill. We also need money in case anything emergency comes up, or if we need to get food. 
Our electric bill is a

Also! Please Join :iconfae-chii: and :iconalichuuu: 's group, :iconfindingcommissions: ! They Just Started, but they could really use all the help they need! <3


Karen C.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I finally got around the chance to tell you all about me! *phew*
You can call me by my name, Karen, Hikari, or Hana!
Astrology Series - Cancer by feiyan July 18 :P

Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp : (You're not gonna find much, its mostly reblogs, because my computer doesn't seem to like my arts. D: )
YouTube by angelkittin : Animewover300 (you'll find stupid shit. I haven't uploaded in a while. All you're really gonna get is my favorites basically.)
Twitter Stamp by SparkLum : @hikarihanazono3 (Mostly active) @halfhumanshadow (not too active. You'll mostly find hate here, though.)
PIXIV member stamp by Teruchan : #2970346 You won't find much here. I don't update as much. I wish I did. ;=;
Livestream stamp by MissDidichan :… I will always post up a deviation for a livestream.
Skype by beigbeider Ask me! :D

STAMPS! :3 Stamp: I Love Stamps by FantasyStockAvatars
I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAIStamp - Milk Lover by firstfearStamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfearStamp - Watch Me by firstfearSTAMP: Dog Lover by zungzwangteddy stamp by findyQ.:.Wii Stamp.:. by xEternaLTwilighTxEzio Auditore da Firenze by ovstampsStamp: Spring vibes by OtterAndTerrierSummer stamp by WerxzyLlama-limousine by DS-DNA.:.PS3 Stamp.:. by xEternaLTwilighTx.:.Gamer Girl Stamp.:. by xEternaLTwilighTxMascara Stamp by ladieofficalLegend Of Zelda Stamp by 666mel666Stamp: Colored pencils by ibis-diedGirl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWowStamp - GIYF by firstfearI Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherry058 - Kick in the Head by clumsyrebelI love tea Stamp by JEricaMI simply love soup by Tea-StrawberryEND Stamp by SailorSolarHolmes + Watson by makeitstampyIron Man by AraulsStampsI_love_manga-stamp by kluska-chanRyuk Fan Stamp by four-eyed-samuraiLittleBIGplanet stamp by capitaljayI love TEA stamp by RRRAIThe Llamas V2 by EmmaL27Tough Love Stamp by CreepiestI Love Rainbows Stamp by zara-leventhalIce Cream S.T.A.M.P by 4EverYoungKidI love what I love by AjvonkaRain Stamp by Stamp221I love my watchers Stamp by Tripp-X-FoxxThanks for Favourite by TheLoveTrainStamp: I use DA more than Facebook by LittleMissWeskerComment plz by 1FoxyladyStamp: Men + long hair = ... by SilvarEnOrainbow-stamp by IokoThePandaI dont support fur trading by RanStampsLGTB supporter by Snuf-StampsGay Rights Stamp by StampMakerLKJNo, just no by Youmaddotcom:thumb204533544:Losing a sneeze.. by DesuSigMakerAlbinism is Beautiful Stamp by ThreshieRight handed stamp by WhiteKimahriI Heart Androgyny Stamp by arsh-stampsNudists Are Not Perverts by BearkataDAT ASS! by Sparkleee-SprinkleBoth Can Be Beautiful Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-ArtEyeliner Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI heart mechanical pencils by reynaruinaStamp: Love by delusional-dreamsStamp: Patience by delusional-dreamsStamp: Kindness by delusional-dreamsStamp: Peace by delusional-dreamsart helps me relax stamp by wol4ica-stockI Want To Live In UK Stamp by Aguz001I love Chrome by CHLII love colors by crushedcoreI love tea stamp by capitaljay.:.Hot Coco Stamp.:. by xEternaLTwilighTxFruit Series: Mango by ladieofficalFruit Series: Kiwi by ladieofficalPepsi Stamp by linkhero55Pocky Fan Stamp by linkhero55The Only True Love Stamp by ladieofficalPizza Stamp by The-FairywitchStamp by wolf-wisperLing Yao 7 - O HAI by Gilligan-StampsDeadpool Stamp by aniphx.:Switzerland Gun Smex:. by QueenOfPrussiabuttercup stamp by generationmSimple Silly Sai Stamp by PrinnyDanceI Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12STAMP Kasane Teto by The-Last-Fallen-AngeVOCALOID stamp by DemireTea Makes Everything Better by delusional-dreamsJOURNAL STAMP: Self Taught by ZachDougStamp: In some ways I fail as a girl. by CatthyloveSmilies by Mellow-StampsGimmeYaoi - Stamp by Tami-Stampssanefangirlsexist by SweetTeaholicfanART stamp by minas-stampsWeird? by PonyononyoZodiac Stamp 'Cancer' by SharkfoldLightning FFXIII-2 Stamp by lightpurgeMagi Stamp by CaptainOroA silent minute by Faeth-designLearning English Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chanMy English Is Not Perfect by Faeth-design

IRL Friends:
:iconblackout2020: :iconomgitsneons::iconcherrywhiskey:

People I consider good friends! :D
:iconrachiumz: :iconsealandangel: :iconfae-chii: :icongold-angel-ia: :iconaldeiphry: :iconotakuloverx100: :iconwill-a-wisp: :iconsmartass-day-dreamer: :iconvividflow:

Amazing artists~ (I have waayyyy too many that I love ;w; )
:iconadmirawijaya: :iconc2ndy2c1d: :iconcherriuki: :icondevious-riceball: :iconeternal-s: :icongoku-no-baka: :iconladyusada: :iconmiranduless: :iconsakimichan: :iconsmartass-day-dreamer: :iconvaniilya: :icondenshin: :iconecthelian: :icongisellerocks: :iconinma: :iconikr: :iconk-koji: :iconkhaoskai: :iconkittysophie: :iconkiwa007: :iconlonerurouni187: :iconmeago: :iconmiss-it-girl: :iconzenithomocha: :iconprinceprocrastinate: :iconuchuubranko: :iconkodamacreative:/:iconyaoi-world: :iconyamio: :iconyuki-chan2::iconruriko-sama::iconnilfea::iconrenos13::iconsakon04::iconangelz-devil::iconasuhan::iconcygnetzzz::icondemitasse-lover::iconhitogata::iconlalami02::iconluleiya::iconzaphylla::iconangelz-devil::iconarsenixc::iconasuka111::iconaya-mei::iconblackmayo::iconbloodshedera::iconabrza:
The list goes on.

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